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 The Avalon Gateway Region is blessed with several outstanding tourist attractions.  Part of the Southern Avalon Peninsula, it is one of the most amazing areas in the province to visit with its beautiful vistas, natural wonders and exciting history.  Are you an expert on this region?  Check out our Attractions page for the answers to our trivia questions.


Trivia Question #1  – How many islands are said to be in Placentia Bay?

One of the centres for tourism is Placentia, the largest town in the region.  Placentia’s past includes many extended periods of military operations.  France made it a royal colony in 1663 and maintained it until 1713 during which period there were many battles with the English as they both sought to control the fishery.  After 1713 the English took over following the Treaty of Utrecht and maintained a military presence for about the same number of years as the French.  There is evidence of several fortifications from those periods including Castle Hill, which is now a National Historic Site.   Archaeological digs are proving much of this occupation and producing artefacts and sites of interest to tourists.

Trivia Question #2 – Some living “British Soldiers” can still be found on Castle Hill in Placentia, if one looks closely enough.  What are these “soldiers”?

Relating to another military presence, that of the Americans in Argentia during World War II is a monument in Ship Harbour to the drafting of the Atlantic Charter by President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.  This eventually resulted in the establishment of the United Nations. Argentia has artefacts of this more recent military era and is the port for a ferry service to mainland Canada.


Trivia Question # 3 – What was the name of the weekly newspaper published by the U.S. Armed Forces at Argentia? 

Trivia Question #4 – Which famous comedian was stationed in Argentia?

While in Placentia, tourists can take a walk on the boardwalk and enjoy the view of the ocean.  For accommodations there are three hotels, a number of bed and breakfasts, an RV park, and campgrounds.  There are several restaurants, clubs and other businesses to serve tourists. The Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre creates opportunities for visitors to enjoy the local culture.


Trivia Question# 5 – Which three Regattas make up Newfoundland’s “Triple Crown”?

On the Cape Shore is the outstanding bird colony at Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, one of the best and most accessible places in the world to see nesting birds.  It is a spectacular drive along the Cape Shore with great places to get out and explore like Gooseberry Cove Provincial Park with its beautiful beach.  Tourists will find many places to hike, as well as small motels, restaurants and shops.


Trivia Question #6 – What is meant by the phrase “Cape St. Mary’s pays for all”?

St. Mary’s Bay North is best known for its natural attractions, which include Salmonier Nature Park, The Cataracts, Rocky River Fishway, Father Duffy’s Well Day Park and The Wilds at Salmonier River Hotel and Golf Resort.  In this scenic area there are hiking trails, picnic areas and great locations to snap some photos of Newfoundland’s natural beauty.  For accommodations there are bed and breakfast establishments and camping areas as well as the Hotel and Golf Resort.


Trivia Question #7 – What was the name of the man who began a sawmill in Colinet in 1915 which expanded to become one of the largest in Newfoundland?

The Avalon Gateway Region is prepared to welcome tourists and provide interesting attractions and activities for all our visitors.  On this site are many links to assist tourists in planning a trip to explore this unique region of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Please visit our trip planner page to make your trip to the Avalon Gateway Region an unforgettable experience.



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